Self Care Services

Taking time to care for yourself isn’t SELFISH, it is necessary!

When we allow ourselves to “run dry” we are not able to effectively care for ourselves or those around us.

As the saying goes;

“You can’t pour from an empty cup”

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Aromatic Alignment

This treatment combines the benefits of essential oils, relaxing neck and shoulder massage and Access Bars Energy work.

Each client receives a 1mL sample bottle of their intuitively blended oils to take home and continue to benefit from.

90 minute Treatment

Aromatic Alignment


Access Alignment 

Concentrated and focused treatment addresses the access consciousness points on the head. Leaving the client feeling zen, connected and like they just have a full body relaxing massage.

70 minute Treatment

Access Alignment


New Client Special 

Try a sample of the Access Alignment Treatment OR the Aromatic Alignment Treatment and fall in love with self care all over again!

45 minute Treatment

New Client Special


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