A November to Remember

November is full of Hustle and Bustle
Make it a November to Remember 
This may sound out of the norm, but I absolutely love this month.  It is full of gratitude and Remembrance for those who have served our country to make it as wonderful as it is.

The weather is turning colder, meaning cozy blanket scarves, hot cuppa tea (or coffee) and cuddles by the fire.  It also means that winter is soon arriving, and I LOVE the holiday season!  

There are so many great opportunities this November to prepare to give the gift of Wellness, Peace and Love.  I hope you will join me in sharing!  Click the photo’s above to find out more, and share this email with friends, family and loved ones.


Monthly promotions

Siberien Fir 15 mL – 10% off
With a scent reminiscent of Christmas trees and tranquil forests, Siberian Fir has long been recognized for producing comforting, stabilizing aromas, and stimulating the senses. 
Item: 60203586
Wholesale price: $23.17 CAD 
Add one to two drops to the shower floor for an energizing fragrance.Add 10 drops to a spray bottle with water for a refreshing room spray.

White Grapefruit 5 mL – Product of the month
White Grapefruit shines at providing a fresh, sweet scent for any environment and offers a clarifying, cheering and uplifting aroma. This unique grapefruit variety is also good for skin and oral hygiene and is an ideal essential oil to incorporate into your evening routine.
Diffuse to create a light, energizing atmosphere while cleansing the air.Add a drop to a glass of water in the morning. Place a drop in your facial cleanser, shampoo, or toothpaste for added cleansing properties
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*During the month of November, earn 50 points by placing a 100 PV Enrolment Order
Our Fall Yoga Schedule continues for the months of November and December.  If you would like to join a class, please let me know.  I would be happy to help you get started with the best class for you.
 Please NOTE there will be NO VIP Yoga Classes on; 
* SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9th as the Center will be home to the Community Fall Market
* SATURDAY DECEMBER 7th as we will be participating in our local Santa Claus Parade
Recipe of the Month
Mock Cranberry-Lime Spritzer
Specialty drinks are an easy and delicious way to get into the holiday spirit. This mock cranberry and lime spritzer is a festive, fun, and delicious addition to complement any meal during the holidays.

Cranberry juice
Sparkling water or lemon-lime soda
Ice cubes
Lime oil

Instructions Fill glass with ice and pour sparking water or lemon-lime soda half way.Fill additional half of glass with cranberry juice.Add one drop Lime oil and stir.Tip: For garnish, add sliced limes and cranberries.